Everything You Need To Know About The Scott Reagent Test!

If you have used Cocaine before then, you must have heard about the test used for analyzing Cocaine, better known as the Scott Reagent test or the Scott test. The result of this test is derived on the basis of the color obtained after the test. For instance, if the color result is blue, then it means that the Cocaine is almost pure.

The Scott Reagent test gained popularity in the year 1973 when police stared using it for testing things for cocaine presence. Now the Scott test is quite popular, and you can easily get it from the local market to test the Cocaine and ensure its quality. There are some things about the Scott Reagent test that you must know about.

What things do you need to keep in mind while using Scott Reagent?

Take care of the cleanliness

  • You must take care of the hygiene and cleanliness while conducting the Scott Reagent test as a single mistake and spoil the sample.
  • You should always wear gloves so that your skin doesn’t get damaged in case the reagent spills out.
  • Adding to it, you must keep the cleaning surfaces always clean and wash the equipment and surface with soap after the testing is finished.

Keep the cap closed

  • There are two bottles of reagent that you will get in the Scott Reagent testing kit, and both of them will have separate caps.
  • You must keep their caps closed and ensure that no air or liquid is passing leaking through it.
  • It will increase the life of the reagent and will also minimize the risk of any spillage or exposure. Click here to get more information about wimscilabs.

Store them properly

  • The Scott Reagents are highly sensitive to sunlight and high temperature.
  • So, to keep their quality intact, you must keep them away from direct UV rays and store them in a cool, dark, and safe place.