The Three Locket Necklace Designs: Which Design is the One for You?

Heart locket necklaces come in different designs. Sometimes these designs can make it harder for you to choose the best locket necklace for you or your loved one. if you are planning on getting a heart locket necklace anytime soon, maybe you might want to learn about the designs that you can choose from.

Who knows these types of designs might just help you narrow down the choices of heart locket necklaces whenever you browse the Chvker Jewelry website?

The Whimsical Ones

One of the types of heart locket designs we often see is the whimsical heart lockets. The whimsical lockets are the types of heart lockets that have a very intricate design. You can see different filigree patterns elaborated on the surface of the heart locket necklace. Aside from the filigree patterns, some whimsical lockets also have vines and flowers as one of their motifs.

The whimsical heart lockets are a perfect present for the younger wearers who loves the ideas of fairies and princesses.

The Modern

Based on the name modern, the modern heart locket necklace is a type of locket that is made from various materials. Unlike the other types, the modern ones often come with a glass or studs as part of the design. Many jewelry designers include these two materials to ensure that the heart locket necklace remains simple but classic.

This type of design is perfect for people who love classic design. It doesn’t grab too much attention but classic enough that it will not go out of style.

The Vintage

The vintage design locket necklaces are the ones we often see as heirlooms. These locket necklaces are often made from brass, gold, and silver. Aside from that, these lockets are often in oval shape instead of the heart-shaped ones that we often see. The vintage ones are the most artistic locket necklaces amongst all the designs. The designs are intricate, and some are etched into the surface of the pendant. It’s not as shiny as the two designs but it’s still classy to wear on special and important occasions.

Now that you have the types of designs, hopefully, it makes it a lot easier to choose now. Once you have chosen your locket necklace, make sure to leave a comment below and share the most beautiful locket necklaces that you deserve.