Intestine And Liver Infections? – Lumenex Can Kill And Wash Them Away

Lumenex will help you to kill bacteria or infection causing parasites such as protozoa or worms. People dealing with flourishing dwarf tapeworm or any other tapeworm in their intestines should take this medicine to kill the infection-causing bacteria. Several liver diseases can also be controlled or prevented with the help of this drug. It can treat chronic and acute amebiasis in several initial doses itself, and one would be noticing relief in significantly less time. Get more Interesting details about lumenex dosage on

Side Effects Related To Lumenex Antibacterial Tablets 

If somehow these bacteria-fighting tablets don’t go well, it can lead to any of the following side effects that range from mild to severe. It can lead to nausea, vomiting, or low appetite. Furthermore, an individual could face dizziness, sleeplessness or headache as aftereffects of the medicine. Irregular heart pounding can also happen in the aftermath, and in such incidents, it is crucial that you immediately reach out to your doctor.

Pregnant women should avoid this medicine unless and until your doctor recommends it to you as it can have harmful effects on the fetus in some cases. Similarly, women who are under treatment and taking this medicine should also not breastfeed their baby.

The Safe Amount Of Dose Of Lumenex In Typical Infections

A typical adult human can consume up to 25 to 35mg of the medicine per kg of their weight daily. However, this dose can be increased or decreased as per the doctor’s guidance and the requirement based on the disease’s criticality. For children, this dose should be less than 11mg per kg.

In the case of tapeworm diseases, the consumable dose can be increased to 4gm per day that needs to be divided into four separate doses that can take anywhere around one week to cure the condition.